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Build the spiritual linkages with fans and investors to contribute to a new web3 music era

Build the spiritual linkages with fans and investors to contribute to a new web3 music era

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We directly increase the value of your music

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 Xihy's embeded strategies

Unlock the liquidity of your fans 

NFT allows fans to participate in auctions. It directly increases the sale price of the music


Financialization directly increases the value of NFT, Including liquidity and uncorrelated assets 


Direct transaction with fans and investors without any agencies in the legacy music industry

Monetization: A debt-free fund

Thanks to monetization through IP-NFT, artists can have a flexible debt-free fund 

Monetazing your music increases its value

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An integral interface

All the transaction records are transparent and verifiable on the blockchain


All the sales and royalties are automatically distributed to your account

Seamless digital contracts

NFT and the related contracts plus all the contracts in the music industry such as the recording, publishing, licensing, distribution and marketing can be seamlessly signed and easily managed within Xihy. 

Intuitive, integral, automatic, transparent 
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Share your music journey with your fans and investors

Build a spiritual linkage with your fans 

Selling IP-NFT is sharing your music journey with persons who have faith in your art 

Creating exclusivity with fans and investors

Build an exclusive community, on-line/off-line events and share your creation with your fans and investors

Community and social values

Empower your music with community and social values through IP-NFT

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