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Image by Marek Piwnicki

IP-NFT, the real ownership of music

NFT with copyright and royalties thus means the real ownership

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A standard NFT on surface

Our IP-NFT and the regular NFT both share the same technical standard such as transactions and any other operations.

Our underlying structure bind our IP-NFT with copyright, royalties and exclusive utility.

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Legal protection

We bind the NFT with copyright contract to ensure the protection by legal authority

We realize it through:

Unique technical structure design

We utilize unique blockchain technical and transactional structures to guarantee the binding of NFT and copyright contract

Unique legal contract design 

We utilize a unique legal contract to ensure the protection of the copyright by the legal authority

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Our IP-NFT is a path to exclusivity  


Access to exclusive community

Membership of the exclusive community built by artists and collectors

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Access to earn Xihy tokens

Airdrop or earn by complete specific tasks like collection tasks

Special utility

Access to exclusive online or offline events and other special functionalities

Build a spiritual linkage with artists and contribute to a new web3 music era

Stock Exchange

Invest in our IP-NFT, claim the real ownership of music

We convert the music NFT into a real financial asset. We directly increase the NFT and music values

Solid fundamental value

Copyright and royalties consolidate the most fundamental value of IP-NFT with ownership and continuing revenues.

Music industry upturn

The royalties and sale prices of the music stably raise with the music industry upturn in the next 20 years.

 Financialization increases the value of the NFT

Including liquidity, uncorrelated assets.

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Start your investment journey with Xihy

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