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For an equitable music ecosystem

We directly increase the value of music

Newest auctions


Will Gunt "Purple Wave"

EP - Live extended version+music video

1% share IP-NFT

UR_Will Gunt_Photo I_edited.png

Will Gunt Remix collection

LP - Digital+vinyl



4% share IP-NFT


Marmuto "Special Guests Remixes"

EP Extended+VIP backstage


0.1% share IP-NFT


Marmuto "Initiate"

LP - Digital+Vinyl


2% share IP-NFT

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What is a music IP-NFT?

Our IP-NFT is a standard NFT with the addition of the copyright protection and the royalties revenue stream.


Owning our music IP-NFT means the ownership of the copyright and the corresponding royalties.

Why a music IP-NFT?

Lack of IP protection:
The NFT industry pain point

Whitin the context of NFT genre, most of the music NFTs don't have the copyright and royalties behind them

Music NFT lacks of fundamental value without solid ownership (copyright) and revenues (royalties)

When getting involved within legal disputes, the ownership won't be protected by the legal authority. The copyright owner can even create unlimited music NFT as he/she want. 

Without copyright, the further value discoveries of the music NFT are extremely limited.  

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For collectors & fans

Invest in our IP-NFT. Claim the real ownership of the music

Real Ownership

Share the ownership of the music with your favourite artists

Yield of royalties

Receive a  passive income from the revenues produced by the music


Gain access to an exclusive  community and other exclusive benefits

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For artists

Monetize your music within the form of IP-NFT, share the ownership with your fans and collectors

Increase the value of your music through IP-NFT and Xihy's integral strategies

Xihy's underlying management will make all the process automatic, transparent and intuitive - Contracts assignment, revenue distribution and NFT creation

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For industry partners

Record labels, publishers

We offer an intuitive and integral dashboard for industry partners to manage their artists and NFTs collectively. 

For customized corporation and partnership please contact us. 

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